We are all about training SMART, not training MORE, so I'm always cautious about putting arbitrary distance goals on a yearly training plan. But, that said, many of us are motivated to reach benchmarks, and sometimes these benchmarks are all we need to get out the door to complete a training session.

So, with this in mind, I've put together a an internal distance challenge that MAY serve to motivate you to stay consistent and put in miles.

Since any goal distance is arbitrary, (i.e. 1000 miles or 5000 miles or whatever), I decided to construct our targets off of standard traithlon/running distances.

There are 4 levels, 3 of which are based off running/tri distances, and the "jco" based off my average distances from 2003-2005 when I was doing a lot of my Ironman training. Each level comes with recognition and a prize! So, here are the goal distances.

These benchmark distances will provide a nice challenge for multipart and single-sport athletes!  Notice that the 2x IM and 'jco' distances are decent even for folks who focus on one sport.  

We will have prizes for people who reach the benchmark distances in each discipline (swim, bike, and run).  Special-edition t-shirts, medals, recognition, and more!  

All you have to do is continually log your workouts in Training Peaks. If you fail to log a workout, the distance won't get recorded.


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