Y Do you need some motivation to bike this winter? Here it is!

Get yourself ready to bike up to 450 miles in the beautiful Mississippi  Alabama, and Tennessee.  

This is a great opportunity to put in some solid bike mileage that can lay the foundation for a great 2017 season!



Price increase by $50 for entries received after March 4 





Once your payment is confirmed, YOU ARE IN!!!

You will receive a packet with more information.



















Meet in Jackson, Mississippi on March 18.  The ride begins at noon. 

4 days of riding:

     Day 1: 105 miles (shorter ride options: 46 and 57 miles)

     Day 2: 160 miles (shorter ride options: 21, 59, 108, and 140 miles)

     Day 3: 75 miles (shorter ride options: 20 and 55 miles)

     Day 4: 110 miles (shorter ride options 55 miles)


  • You are responsible to get yourself to the start and get yourself home
  • On the ride: lodging, gear transportation, and continental breakfast are included.
  • You are responsible to supply your ride nutrition and meals (3 dinners)
  • There will be support vehicles set up for aid at designated locations for refueling.
  • If SAG is needed, these vehicles can be called.
  • For $375 for quad occupancy (room with three other people).  
  • For $450 for double occupancy (room with one other person)
  • Options available for cross-training (run on trails and pool swims)




















Getting to Jackson:

We will arrange carpool options based on rider locations.  For example, people from the Illinois area will ride together and meet with people from Missouri and Indiana.  We will consolidate cars appropriately to make travel to Jackson more efficient.  Details on carpooling will be available once we have information on who is riding and where they are coming from.


Getting home:

We will work out a efficient way to minimize back-tracking.  Details will be finalized once we know who is riding and where they are coming from.


The sooner you sign up, the sooner we can arrange carpooling options!


















Prices increase by $50 after March 4, so sign up today!





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