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It is no accident that Endurance Company offers the services it does. It is the culmination of 3 decades of my life. I am constantly observing, analyzing, and studying 'life.' This includes spending lots of time reflecting and learning from my time in athletics, my time in higher education studying the science behind human physiology and performance, my time as a teacher, and my time as a coach.

     This is my life.  

     This is what I do.

The motto for Endurance Company is "Where Science and Experience Meet." This is exactly how I, and my Endurance Company coaches, approach all aspects of our programming. We are all life-long learners and students of the sport. We have a passion for taking our knowledge and experience and helping YOU reach your potential.  

It won't take much snooping around this site to see that we are different from other endurance coaching businesses. But, don't take our word for it. Give us a try.  We promise you will be inspired. We promise you will have fun, learn how to train, and reach your potential!

Over the past 8 years, Endurance Company has delivered world-class coaching and helped hundreds of athletes realize their dreams. This was not by accident. We work hard to provide the things athletes need. So, each year we modify and improve our services. We listen to our athletes and take suggestions to enhance the way we can deliver service.  

YOU GET MY STORY.  In 2018, I'm moving a bit out of my comfort zone to document (in detail) my return to training. I'm focusing on Ironman Florida in 2018 and will provide all TEAM ECo members exclusive insight into my training. This will include my program, my data, my thoughts and reflections on how the training is going, my philosophical musings about training and life, and more.  Basically, I"m using myself as a teaching tool for all ECo athletes.  My hope is that you can learn from my journey and take away some useful tools to make yourself the insight to becoming a better athlete, a better competitor, and hopefully, a more balanced person.

So, with this in mind, you below is what we have come up with for 2018. It is unlike anything we have done before. It is the culmination of input from athletes, coaches, industry, and experience. It is all designed to help YOU be the best you can be!

The chart above and the video below give an overview of the BIG PICTURE 2018 ECo Programming. You may understand WHY we offer programming, but most people want to know WHAT we are offering and the COST.  So, here you go:

You'll see all of the options we offer TEAM ECo members along with prices.  The prices reflect the cost for that particular service for the given time.  For example:

  • if you sign up to be a member of TEAM ECo, the membership dues are $29/month.  
  • If you add on LOCAL TEAM WORKOUTS, that is a $49/month fee. 
  • If you choose REMOTE STRENGTH, that is a $25/month; LOCAL STRENGTH is $100/month.  
  • If you purchase CUSTOMIZED PROGRAMMING, you get an 8-week training plan for $99.

​​​You have a lot of ways to plug in to the ECo System in 2018. Based on your goals and training time, the system allows you to be more or less involved throughout the season. 

This is a lot of information, so to simplify and describe how this works, I described each 'service' in the video: